Estamos Whatsapeando

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Copyright of the sound and text files: Albert Israel 2023

Copyright of the code: Gabor Szabo 2023

License: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

GitHub pages

The root directory of this project is published as “GitHub pages” on the URL The WhatsApp pages will use the ogg and jpeg files hosted on this URL.

Adding entry

git clone

Installing Python requirements

pip install -r ../ladino-diksionaryo-code/requirements.txt

The following command will check the entries:



python ../ladino-diksionaryo-code/ladino/ .

Successful result will look like this:

All read properly.
Last published:   2023.05.14 - Akel tyempo - Musa Moiz Eskenazi 15
Today is          2023.01.05

The “Last published” started out as a real date, but now it is just counter. New messages should be published with dates after the “Last published”. As Albert does not publish every day, after a few months we’ll catch up and we’ll be able to use the same date as the original post.

Merging sound files

Sometimes the sound is split into two files. This can merge them:

opusdec a.ogg a.wav
opusdec b.ogg b.wav
sox a.wav b.wav c.ogg